General workshop with Uday Bhosale, Saturday 12 March 2022, 10.30 – 4 pm, at The Bhavan, London W14 9HE

It was very positive to be able to welcome Uday back in person after four years. Thirty participants, ranging in experience and including teachers, benefited from Uday’s skilful teaching, exploring asanas and pranayama in the bright, spacious gallery at The Bhavan.  Feedback  from participants: “I really appreciate the way in which we had time to focus on a specific aspect of our practice and understand how it applied across a range of asanas”,  “As always I love Uday’s teaching, his generosity in sharing his wealth of knowledge is amazing to get. Thank you so much 🙏

SWLSIY have donated half of the profits from the workshop to the crisis in Ukraine. Funds have been divided between the Iyengar Yoga Community Support to Ukraine coordinated by the Polish Iyengar Yoga association, providing urgent support to families within Ukraine and crossing to Poland, and the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

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