As a member of both your Member Group and IY (UK) you are entitled to:

  • News updates on local Iyengar yoga special events
  • Free copies of Iyengar Yoga News published twice a year by IY (UK)
  • Priority booking on SWLSIY events and workshops, including those with guest teachers from other regions
  • Local events and classes at reduced prices
  • Information about national IY (UK) conventions
  • Regular updates by e-mail on all up and coming Iyengar Yoga events, workshops, conventions, holidays etc in the UK, Ireland and overseas.
  • The opportunity to network with other Iyengar yoga practitioners.
  • Access to ‘members only’ areas of the IY (UK) website
  • SWLSIY will help teacher members find cover for classes by contacting other teacher members on your behalf