All day intermediate workshop with Marios Argiros, Sunday 13 November 2022, 10.30am – 4pm Wimbledon Park Hall.

We were lucky to have Marios as our teacher for the SWLSIY autumn intermediate workshop. Out of the 24 participants, many had travelled from afar to learn from him, and following feedback, everyone felt it was worth the journey. Marios’ teaching was fun yet profound, as we utilised the breath to improve upon many poses. We gained a lot of extension in our standing poses and handstands using manipura kriya, as well as in some twisting and backbend poses.

Some of us managed to go up to Dwipada Viparita Dandasana for the first time, while others could try the Eka Pada version as well. Time flew by in the morning and after a short break we spent the afternoon applying what we had learned about the breath and the kriyas to inversions, followed by pranayama concentrating on the chakras. We thank Marios for his insightful teaching, and also all the participants from SWLSIY and beyond for joining us.

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